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Experience exceptional website design, captivating photography and dynamic videography services tailored to the hospitality and tourism industry in rural Minnesota. Captivate your audience with our expert marketing strategies. Stand out from the rest by making your online experience match your in person experience.

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We would need to know more about your specific needs and requirements to provide an accurate estimate. Think of marketing like purchasing a house or a car. What you put into it is what you get out of it. We do not want to sell anyone something they do not need. However, I can assure you that  Studio 218 is top-notch and can create a fantastic website, video project, or handle your online marketing efforts for you that will meet your business goals. So, let's connect and discuss your needs in more detail!

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In 2020 the world shut down and so did my favorite industry. I started this company 10 years ago and rebranded and went fulltime in November of 2019 starting with graphic design and making simple websites. As time went on and I was able to gain more gear I expanded my services into creative arts as I have always been a photographer and lover of social media.


Connecting people is a passion of mine. So I grabbed my family and started adventuring around Northern Minnesota and sharing it consistently since early 2021. This is our second year and we finally have gained some tractions so we are celebrating with a recap of the 125 best places we have been to. Everything you see in this website including the website I captured, edited, and produced the end results. I do not outsource my work and I have a vast knowledge of the marketing industry in hospitality and tourism. With a degree in meeting and event management and having worked in 2 of the largest resorts in the BLA in their marketing departments and events departments I know this industry well. 

Bringing people together through creative design on any level is a passion of mine. I have always leaned more towards the right side of my brain on anything I do a free spirit if you will. I love things that bring light and promote joy. Sleek clean lines and a breath of life into any project can change the entire dynamic. I have an ability to hear a client’s needs and bring their vision to life. I also can see when it is not going to be a good fit. What I do is not for everyone just as anything we participate in. Isn't that why we have a plethora of options? I personally love it. I love other creators  art and to collaborate with like minded talent. Competition is great but when we can come together and boost our local economy together that is where the good stuff is. #GOALS, right? So let’s make it weird and start making a difference! 

Cheers to new success and excellent adventures!