Computer Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair, & Installation Services

in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Speed up and help boost the performance of your computer. 

Computer Services Billed at $75/Hour


Computer Maintenance & Repair RequesT

Computer Cleaning, Repair, & Installation Services in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

Speed up and help boost the performance of your computer. 



Cost Range $40-$75

PC & LAPTOP Services

When your computer runs it pulls air in to reduce heat. When this happens debris from your home gets inside the unit. This can slowdown or damage your computers performance. It is recommended to clean your computer every 3-6 months depending on the conditions of its surroundings. If you have pets in the home 3 months is recommended. 



Hourly Rate + Cost of Program

Not everyone can get your programs up  and running. No matter how big or small we can install your new software and get it running smoothly. 


There are 2 main benefits to building your own computer. The ability to choose your own component's including cooling and the case and they are completely upgradeable.


When you purchase a prebuilt PC sometimes it has sealed cases that are inaccessible to upgrade components, clean certain parts and repair. 

Motherboards | CPU | Coolers  | RAM | GPU | Power Supply | Hard Drive | Fan | Disk Drives 

*Overclocking not available. 

Cost Range $30-150
Frequently Asked Questions
What do we clean?

We clean almost all IT equipment you could think of! We are specialist cleaners and the most commonly cleaned items include:

  • PCs (internal and external) and laptops

  • Phones, Switchboards and Faxes

  • Printers and Photocopiers

How often should I clean my equipment? 

This depends on the type of equipment, the amount of use and the surrounding environment. Bottom line it is completely up to you with our recommendation being for most offices, cleaning every 4 - 6 months.

We recommend cleaning every 3 months for equipment located in factories, warehouses, workshops and depots. This is due to the higher incidence of airborne particles and general grease and grime from a relatively dirtier environment.

Equipment located in call centers, trading and dealing rooms, customer service centers and public areas also benefit from a regular cleaning cycle. This is due to a relatively high frequency and intensity of use. We recommend cleaning  once every 3  - 4 months to maintain cleanliness.

We also clean on a 'one off' basis which is great if your office has been renovated and your equipment is covered in building dust. We can also clean out any dust and debris from the insides of  your computer.

When do you clean?

We offer business hours and after hours cleaning. 

How much will it cost?

The cost depends on the frequency of the clean and the number of computers and printers. Larger sites qualify for a volume discount. The greater the cleaning frequency, the faster we clean the equipment. Discount for retained services.

We provide quotes in advance of carrying out any work - this also applies to server room cleaning. The quote means there should be no nasty surprises on your invoice.

All prices are quoted exclusive of GST and are 'per item'. We only invoice for the number of items actually cleaned.

Contact us today for an obligation-free, customised quote to suit your needs and budget.

What do you clean in a computer?

When we clean a computer, we focus on the touch points (ie. the keyboard and mouse) and the monitor. We remove all of the dust, debris and food from beneath the keys. All grease and grime due to continual hand contact is also removed - not just from the tops of the keys but between the keys too, as well as from the mouse ball and rollers. The touch points are restored to a near-new hygienic condition. The dust is removed from monitor vents and finger marks are removed from the screen. Any pen marks and residual sticker glue are also removed.

An internal clean is only recommended for computers located in relatively dusty and dirty environments. Dust and debris will clog air vents and create an insulation layer over sensitive componentry. An impeded airflow results in an over-heated and under-performing computer. This service involves removing all dust and debris from external case vents cand crevices. We open the computer case, vacuum the case interior and remove dust and debris from the motherboard and other components, as well as blow dust out of the power supply unit.

What types of programs can you install?

New Computer Installation – New computer installation services near you can help. We will be there every step of the way, putting the pieces together, plugging them in, and getting you up and running with your new computer.

Printer Installation and Set-up Services – Now that your new computer is here, you have to connect your devices. Whether they’re wireless or wired, a printer, router, or other device, in order for it to communicate with your computer, it must be connected. Sound like unfamiliar territory to you? It’s okay, we’ve got you covered. We’ll install and get your peripheral devices set-up at your service appointment as well.

Software Installation– Software is another component required to operate and utilize your new computer. Basic or advanced, a Studio 218 technician can work to install everything necessary to get you up and running while ensuring you are protected from viruses or other risks.

Who are these services good for?

Everyone! Anyone who owns or uses a computer can benefit from these services. Let us do the dirty work for you.