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Flag Island Resort in the Northwest Angle in Angle Inlet, MN

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Flag island Resort is right in the heart of lake of the woods and is accessible by boat, plane or snowmobile depending on the time of year. We drove up from Brainerd accessing the Canadian border through Roseau, MN. In order to drive to the angle you have to cross Canadian lines and that itself was way easier than I thought it would be. The customs officers on both the US and Canadian side were great. The Canadian officer even gave us a couple of cute Canada pins.

In order to cross just to the Angle which is still Minnesota you need a Drivers license and a Birth Certificate, an enhanced DL or a passport. They just need to prove your identity. If you have a DUI you need to cross by boat, plane or snowmobile and travel across the lake. Lucky for us we stay out of trouble for the most part so crossing was pretty easy.

Once we passed the gum drop forest and the seven layers of candy cane lane we met up with Tim at Youngs Bay. This is the Northernmost point in the United States and an outpost to the best parts of the lake. Super friendly folks up here.

Now we are on the way to Flag Island Resort to stay in Ogema Cabin. Tim invited us up wanting to make

sure we knew where true northern Minnesota was and the best walleye fishing on the planet. We were super excited. The weather was not on our side and rained 90% of the time with 20mph winds to boot. It didn’t stop that smile on my face for 3 whole days! The main lodge has a little shopping and a restaurant but it was off peak season, so the hours and items were limited. We had some good chicken and tacos that night with a delicious and LAST of their summer shandy.

We stayed in Ogema Cabin it’s a 3 bedroom cabin right on the lake has its own dock for easy access and was super cozy. It was just the two of us this time but we will definitely bring some friend’s next time. There is a giant lack of restaurants and easy food options so always come prepared to cook your own and this cabin along with all their cabins have a full kitchen with all the gear to cook with.

The sunsets were the only light of the day otherwise it rained and was extremely windy for the most part of the trip. That didn’t deter my smile for 3 days. I LOVED being on the boat.

We can not wait until we can come back next time. I am hooked and will likely live up here someday. You can’t beat the solitude and the kind people. Until next time!

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