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Crow Wing County Fair in Brainerd, Minnesota

📍 Crow Wing County Fair in Brainerd, Minnesota. Organized in 1884 the Crow Wing County Fair was moved around the lakes area until permanently locating to Brainerd in 1937 and being in its current location off of 13th street in 1962. Being one of the top 5 fairs in Minnesota, 100,000 attendees are estimated to go annually. The exhibits are always fun to walk around and see. My favorite part is seeing all the flowers and produce that people grow and all the fun animals you normally don’t see on a day-to-day basis. Petting bunnies and seeing baby piglets is always a serotonin boost. There is a very well-done handbook to see all the exhibitors and vendors that are at the show so you can plan your trip out better. I’m a huge nerd when it comes to glass and binge watch glassblowing shows on Netflix. I was pretty pumped to see Weagelworks here doing live shows! We watched them make a glass bowl. My day was pretty made. I love their ornaments and lamps! They did such a great job walking everyone through the process and explaining what he was doing and why. Much better than Netflix. We had to go nerd out at the Sheriffs booth. They had the coolest toys. Seeing the tactical response gear and robots they were chasing people down with gold stars with was the highlight of my day! I missed the drone team by a day though so bummer on that I’ll have to catch up with them in their environment one of these days. The kids were so excited to see paintball! Alex and Michael geared up and went in for battle. We play for keeps in this family. It was fun seeing them play. Annandale Paintball has lots of options if you go to their website, you can see all the things they offer. Onto the entire reason the kids think we go to the fair. The Rides! They had so much fun this summer holding lemonade stands to earn money to spend at the fair. I have to say Crescent City Amusements was great and the staff was very friendly and not overwhelming. My son finally stepped out of his comfort zone this year and rode the fireball, and he was so excited! I am a sucker for fast rides so to see him finally want to do that was pure joy. Next year we will have to stop at the food vendors we ran out of time this year so next year we will do that first! Everything looked so good!

Great job Crow Wing County volunteers who put this together.

Steven Weagel's Glass and Metal Sculptures

Crow Wing County Sheriff Special Units

Annandale Paintball

Crow Wing County Fair

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