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Dorothy Molter Museum in Ely, MN

📍 Dorothy Molter Museum in Ely, MN has the BEST root beer in Minnesota. The root beer lady left quite the legacy in the Ely area. In 1949 President Truman gave flight restrictions which directly effected Dorothy and her resort supplies.  Until 1952 she used a rouge pilot in protest that soon got caught causing her to have to think outside the box. With pop being a non-essential commodity, she took the task to make it herself. Her recipe is no secret and is available at the museum. Using root beer syrup from the Ely A&W, grocery store or the boy scout base, sugar and yeast she took the clear water from Knife Lake and brewed her own root beer. Between 1976 and 1986 Dorothy and her helpers brewed an average of over 10,000 bottles of root beer per summer. This museum consists of several of the original buildings including her home and belongings. We highly recommend taking a trip here to experience the stories and see what life was like in Northern Minnesota Isle of the Pines and her legacy. 

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