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Halloween in Brainerd, MN

📍 Halloween in Brainerd, Minnesota. If you know me personally I am not a Halloween fan but my kids most definitely are so we went to our favorite spots this year. Downtown Spooktacular and north Brainerd for some trick or treating and saw a lot of amazing costumes! I love seeing our local business get together for the community. Three was a ton of participation. Our favorites were Ya Sure Kombucha, Visit Brainerd, Knotty Pine, & Thairapy. Bruce Archer was playing some amazing music with lots of food trucks and vendors to go see. My highlight of that day was seeing the family dressed as Bobs Burgers! You win Halloween whoever you are you completely made my day.

Halloween day was busy as ever! Essentia Health and Smiles for Jake had a GREAT setup! They were even kind enough to let me inside the boundary lines to get some fun shots! The Fortnite bus was epic and the music they played set the tone for the entire night of fun! WELL DONE! Thank you so much to the families who participated as it is a HUGE ask. These people spend hundreds of their own dollars to make sure the community has a safe fun spot to go to that is really well done. So on behalf of my family personally thank you! Our kids love going every year. There are tons of spots to trick or treat safely in the BLA so if you are new to the area. I would happily direct you in the best spots. These are just two of many. Had to end the night of course with seeing Santa hand out candy! Happy Halloween and see you next year! ON TO CHRISTMAS!!!!


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